Can you have a time signature other than 4/4 on Hermod+?


I don’t know if this has been asked before but can you change the time signature on the Hermod+ I want to work on one of my songs with the Hermod, the song is in 6/8 and I can’t find out how to change this on the Hermod+ Thank you so much for helping me out!

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Hi @Raaf
There isn’t really any support for time signatures at all on Hermod+.

However all patterns can have an arbitrary length, displayed in steps (16th notes). So any multiple of 12 would correspond to a 6/8 time signature.

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Thank you so much, that makes perfect sense… thank you for pointing that out! Have a great day. Btw I love the Hermod+ it really enables me to perform songs with my modular synth supported by my laptop and daw. As a singer and songwriter who works mostly with modular synths this module is a dream!

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Thanks a lot for the kind words :blush: