Can we rotate sequences in a pattern?

Hi there,

can we rotate a pattern ?
I mean, you have this:


and you shift the whole into one direction (upward or backward) like:

upward + 1 = __X__X_X_____X_X_X_XXX
upward + 2 = X__X__X_X_____X_X_X_XX


Is it possible ?
If yes, could we rotate only notes (and not CC?) or only CCs ? or ?

thanks in advance

yes, you can rotate a pattern :slight_smile:

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I looked for but didn’t find it.
I will figure out if this is destructive or not (live manipulation and go back to initial saved stuff can be interesting)

The Loudest posted the correct link. The manual’s can be a little light on detail though.

This is for OSv2.3, not sure if earlier versions are the same:

  • Turn on track mode with display on
  • Pick a step with a note, press & hold it
  • Press the ‘<’ or ‘>’ pads to move the step

To rotate the entire track just hold shift & use ‘<’ or ‘>’. Move multiple notes by holding the pads for the first & last notes, then press ‘<’ or ‘>’.

Rotating & moving is destructive.

That’s very clear.
So we play pattern,we alter it on stage, we play another pattern, we come back to the first and this latter is altered one?

Yes, that’s correct. What you could do is to have premade patterns with different offsets as a somewhat workaround. Step mode is more for actual editing than for playing live, I guess.

Actually, that would be easy to have the project duplicated. One is the master, the other one is a temporary one duplicated just for the live performance, deleted just after etc.

You wouldn’t duplicate the PROJECT, you would duplicate the TRACK (or maybe better, PATTERN on a TRACK). Then alter that, play it, and then switch back to the original TRACK/PATTERN. To do that for more than one PATTERN/TRACK at once, I would use a SEQUENCE slot. That’s the Pyramid workflow in a nutshell.


thanks for this.
that’s a nice workaround for coming back to initial, if required :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and good luck!

Please, because I never matched this feature and never tried before, and because I can’t try yet at home,
can someone explain me please what mean ROTATE for Pyramid ?

I thank you very much.

@Fabulous you can move all the events of your pattern
(to the right or to the left)
and since your pattern is actually a loop, if you move for example to the left, the beginning of your pattern will end up at the end of the pattern.

shortcut for ROTATE in step mode:
2ND+ left/right arrows

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oh my god … I don’t get it… at least fully… so , it is like I pre 2nd+> and what? I am moving through my pattern fsrther or I just switching pattern like this ? :thinking: … its first time I match this option ! really !

check the first post of the thread. X are like … events. _ means no event at this step.

:frowning: Damn now I can’t try for many reasons… but thanks to show up… I would never find that if not in the mailboz.
thanks again

the shortcut to move through patterns is a simple press on left or right arrows (hold to move faster for long patterns)

the shortcut to switch pattern is STEP+PAD 1-16 (and with the left/right arrow to switch the pattern bank, 1-16 or 17-32)

the shortcut 2ND+ left/right arrows,
allows to move ALL the events of a pattern (notes or automation points depending on the current mode)

in fact, this function currently has a duplicate (appeared over time with the updates) in the STEP NOTE mode
it’s the same thing when you are in MONO edition and you select all the notes of a pattern (by pressing REC) and move them with the left / right arrows

Note: since we can’t move individual automation points the same way we can move notes (with left/right arrows) unfortunately! :tired_face:
this “duplicate” function doesnt exist in the CC screen
you have to do 2ND+arrows to rotate