Can we have a 24PPQN clock on hermod, please :)

I run Hermod as my master and clocked pamelas new workout with a 1/32 clock/run combo and the PPQN x08 / Reset settings on Pamela. That worked like a charm! perfect. most stable clock i’ve ever seen in eurorack.

Now for Pamelas PRO Workout they have removed the PPQN x08 setting from the menu. it jumps from x4 to x16 with nothing in between.

That forced me to use a 1/16 clock on hermod with the x4 PPQN setting. But that is wonky as hell.
Tempo is constantly drifting, it takes a beat or two for pamela to even start, and then it starts on some random 16th note. Not once on the actual downbeat.

I Know, this seems like a Pamela problem. But none the less, i’m wondering if there’s a way to either send 24PPQN on the hermod clock output? or anything higher than 1/32? Pamela seems to have a hard time tuning itself into slower clocks…

-----UPDATE---- PPQN x8 Multiplier is coming back in the next firmware update, they’re already testing.
But still, 24PPQN seem sto be a quite common thing in Eurorack… shouldnt hermod be able to do that?

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