Can we create loops inside pattern for infinite notes trick?

Hi there,
I used to trigger never-ending notes using Live and the main (cheap) trick is to create MIDI Clip with a loop range smaller than the whole length as there:

Basically, you launch the clip (the pattern). The pattern starts with the Note OFF, the playing position enters the loop and loops (!) and never reach the Note OFF. Infinite note…

Can we do this “easily” with PYRAMID ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Julien!

Indeed, the Pyramid patterns look a lot like Ableton LIVE “midiclips”…
(and the “sequences” look a lot like the “scenes” in Ableton LIVE)

At one point, there was some question of implementing “loop points” for patterns
we don’t know, for the moment, if this feature is part of the proposals retained by Squarp to be implemented
but in the meantime maybe you could take a look at these discussions:

Hope this helps :wink:

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thanks for this answer. actually, I read them already and these are interesting workarounds.

let’s see if squarp team can answer us here :slight_smile:

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