Can unmuted tracks be made to start play on next bar?

I feel like I’m missing something but when I unmute a track it starts immediately and in the middle of the track where the current play position is.

Is there a way to make the the track not start playing until it wraps around and start playing on the first beat.

Usually sequencers will start blinking the played track to indicate it will start play on the next bar, can Pyramid be made to do it like that?

The reason I want this is because I have some CC messages in the first step that sets parameters for the track so that everything sounds right when it starts playing.

I’ve created sequences with different track mute states and set the ‘Play’ property to wait 4 bars but it never seems to start when the track play position is at the first step.

On Pattern mode, press and hold the pattern you want to start at the next bar, and change the Trig setting from “Free” to “Re-start”

Unfortunately it won’t work with mutes, as that only mutes what’s coming out, doesn’t interact with the patterns at all.

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I pressed ‘Step’+‘Track’ to enter pattern mode but when I held the pattern I couldn’t see any trig settings?

Press Pattern once, so you go into that mode, and you see all your patterns, like this:

Then press and hold one of the patterns (yellow blocks) and you’ll see this on the screen:

Move knob 8 (bottom right) and that circled bit will change to “Re-start”


haha… sorry. I missed the bit where you said Pyramid. My bad!

Anyway, on the Pyramid the option is there, it’s just in a different bit.

Press 2nd+Track, and you’ll see this:

Move the main encoder so it highlights where it says Run above, and click, the change it to Trig (I think the icon is sort of like this: |> where > is the play icon. Then it’ll start immediately at the start of the pattern when you unmute.

However, it doesn’t sync really, so you have to unmute on the bar, you cannot queue it up to play at the start of the next one.

Here’s the bit in the manual, under the heading “Track run modes: FREE, RELATCH & TRIG”

It all makes sense now :slight_smile:

Your previous reply did put me on the right track though, I had found the exact setting you’re talking about, track run mode = |< (Relatch)

And it still didn’t work!

But I think I figured it out now. On the track settings I have a program change which seems to take precedence over the first step CC change. When I moved the CC change to the next step (maximum zoom) it worked fine.

Thanks for you help!

trig mode is set by track, not pattern - so 2nd+track

see seq mode in manual, it explains them well.

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