Can the Hapax access Elektron sound locks?

The Hapax is incredible powerful while being very immediate, which is hard to pull off. One of the strengths of the Elektron ecosystem is the ability to create immediate sound locks for immense sonic variability. I’m wondering the Hapax can access this function within machines like the Analog Four? I’m not aware of how the internal architecture works for this and whether they would be accessible externally via cc messages or whatever. Anyone?

i sequence Digitone from Hapax but just on a per track basis (one sound per track, each on a discrete MIDI channel that corresponds to a Hapax track). other than syncing up an existing Pattern sequenced in the Digitone box, which does have full access to any other sounds you put in the pool, not sure how you would expand the reach of Hapax beyond the 1:1 track/MIDI channel workflow

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