Can midi fx echo to midi out

I’d like to use an external controller (Midi fighter twister) for per channel midi FX.
I’m wondering if there’s a way to have Pyramid send the state of a midi fx control back to my controller.

For example, when I control CC values, it will send data back to the MFT (i just have to set the control to the same channel and cc value) so I can see the LED feedback. Or if I open up a new project with automations, it recalls the state.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to accomplish the same with midi FX. Any advice?

I’m using Midi Translator Pro, so open to workarounds using that.


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I think I understand what you want …
so basically you are assigning (e.g.) Scale Key to CC 45 , so you can change from your controller - and you want the pyramid to send CC45 whenever that project is loaded, or you change scale key on the pyramid … so that your controller can update its state.

correct? if so , no…

I’m pretty familar with this issue, as I use an Electra One in a similar way.

the way I get around this, when instruments cannot do this, is use the Electra One as the primary control surface…so only edit it there.
The Electra One allow us (now) to store presets, so when I load an project, I could load a preset from E1 , and get it to send out all the CC to bring the other instruments (e.g pyramid) in line.

its not ideal… but it works - perhaps you can do something similar ?!

you could talk to squarp about this via the contact form , send them a feature request with your idea and an explanation of the use-case.

Yes. That’s the idea precisely.
And yes that’s the solution I’ve considered. Storing eveything on the controller side. That means I need to save matching presets on the controller to go with a given song.

Is that what you’re doing?

Im really just transitioning over to the Electra One - so its something that Ive been considering.

I think its just a matter of deciding where you point of interaction is…
its no real hardship to store preset on the E1… given we store presets on synths anyway - its just one more thing …then with things like program change, we can try to align things to ‘auto load’ the whole lot.

Im not sure about the pyramid in particular, because its front n’ centre anyway, and I find it pretty hands-on - so not quite sure how much to automate from the E1 - we will see :slight_smile:

Im still working it out,
the thing I have to avoid is over thinking it - these things are all so flexible - its easy for me to go around in circles, figuring out what the ‘perfect’ setup is. however, my post productive, is when I just set things up for what I actually need NOW… and remain a bit flexible.
but as they say ymmv :slight_smile:

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