Can Hermod do Step Offset?

Hello Squarps! I own a Pyramid, and am thinking of trading it in for Hermod.

The Pyramid’s “killer feature” for me is the ability to set note-offset in Step Mode, so that steps can be adjusted to play outside of the fixed grid’s timing.

Can the Hermod do this, or something like this? From reading the Hermod manual, it looks to me like the Hermod will only allow steps to be entered on the fixed-grid, or to record a live performance. I do not see a way to manually adjust a step’s offset on Hermod.

Am I understanding correctly?

Thanks in advance!

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indeed no offset on the hermod.

btw: be careful about thinking about the hermod as pyramid replacement, as a 'pyramid module '.
its true, the UI is reminiscent, with the step mode, recording, midi effects -but, the reality is the hermod is its own thing, designed to be a modular sequencer and brain, it approaches things differently and has a very different set of features.

some may think the hermod is more limited (sequencer) than the pyramid,
personally (I have both) I think its just different…
its goal is not to be the comprehensive sequencer like the Pyramid.
rather, it has great features that centre around mixing midi and cv together… I find it a combo of a great midi /cv + eurorack sequencer + cv/midi fx

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Ahhh thank you! Super helpful.

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