Can Hermod convert CV to MIDI in real time?


I’d like to play MIDI devices with my Pressure Points module. Can Hermod convert the CV/gate from Pressure Points to MIDI, so I can connect a MIDI device to Hermod’s MIDI out and play it on Pressure Points?



Yes, you can do this. Hermod has four CV/Gate “in” channels which can be routed to a track which then passes on the data via MIDI by inserting a “OUTPUT” effect.


Thank you very much! Just tried it, works like a charm.


“Effects” are not really “effects” in Hermod. Think about them as “functions”. Combining effects in Hermod allows you to build very complex and interesting functions that would otherwise require very expensive and large numbers of individual modules. Hermod is wonderful for producing “generative music” as pioneered by Brian Eno. Maybe I once do a video in this topic.


Would love to see that video! @AndreasSteiner