Can Hermod convert CV to MIDI in real time?

I’d like to play MIDI devices with my Pressure Points module. Can Hermod convert the CV/gate from Pressure Points to MIDI, so I can connect a MIDI device to Hermod’s MIDI out and play it on Pressure Points?


Yes, you can do this. Hermod has four CV/Gate “in” channels which can be routed to a track which then passes on the data via MIDI by inserting a “OUTPUT” effect.

Thank you very much! Just tried it, works like a charm.

“Effects” are not really “effects” in Hermod. Think about them as “functions”. Combining effects in Hermod allows you to build very complex and interesting functions that would otherwise require very expensive and large numbers of individual modules. Hermod is wonderful for producing “generative music” as pioneered by Brian Eno. Maybe I once do a video in this topic.


Would love to see that video! @AndreasSteiner


So if I’m understanding correctly, there is no way to port CV A, B, C, and D directly to MIDI CC without using half of the potential CV outputs to do so?

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indeed, cv inputs need to be routed to a track… and then to an output fx.

you could raise a feature request for some kind of cv thru option (there is midi thru already) - squarp can tell you if this is feasible or not.


Another question – is it possible to convert CV clock in to MIDI clock out?

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Hermod can be set to run on CV clock source. I would imagine when Hermod is running it will send Midi start/stop and tempo out of its Midi ports.


been looking around, but haven’t been able to find exactly what i’m looking for…

if i want to use a CV source (form modular…) and convert it to a CC (in this case 94…) how exactly what i do that?

for the specific use case, i’m trying to take a gate from monome ansible into hermod and trying to get it to output through midi channel 1 to an analog four, turning on/off the mute of track one (CC94…)

i’ve tried a bunch of setting but without much luck making it happen… (i can get the LFO ((in ‘effects’)) to mute/unmute the track, but i’d like to be able to trigger from the monome sequencer…)

any help would be much appreciated - thank you.


settings manual page

CV input settings → set to MOD to track e.g. MOD A->Track 1

(you may also want to review CV IN RANGE to check the mapping is as you expect)

effects manual page

add OUTPUT fx, set DEST MOD to cc you want.

the key part here is…
a track has one modulation signal aka MOD (as well as pitch/gate)
so we have to map the CV input to the MOD, then route the MOD to the CC

as for your specific case, sorry no comment… as I dont have instruments you mention.

what I would recommend though, is using something like a midi monitor (you could use your computer) to check the output from the hermod… so that if something doesn’t work as expected, you can see if the hermod is doing as you expect (e.g. correct CC number, and on correct midi channel) … or its your target device incorrectly configured.
when things dont work is wise to break down the problem to identify where the ‘issue’ is

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