Can Hapax output track data to more than one MIDI channel?

Hermod has an Output effect that allows you to send MIDI data from a single track to multiple outputs

Does Hapax have any ability to send track output to multiple ports / channels? Or even, dare I say, other tracks? If not, I’ll make a feature request.


Also wondering about this. It would be a great way to double up instruments without having to mess with the midi channels on said instruments.

One additional thing I would love to do is send a single note to multiple destinations. In my case, this would be useful as a way to send sidechain to two systems at once without having to duplicate patterns.

Yeah, I’m mainly looking for an easy way to send a bassline or lead to multiple instruments (on other Hapax tracks), instead of having to copy the pattern to multiple tracks.


I’m curious about this too :slight_smile:

Maybe a future track FX? Would be cool with output port and program change assignments

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Yup, would be very useful to have the midi out fx that Hermod has.

I was thinking about this last night. It’d be nice to have more more developed (select unique channels rather than a range) version of Blokas’ Channel Remap pipe as a midi-FX option. Or something like a ‘Sequencer Link’ midi-FX that extracts sequencer data from another Hapax channel.

Copy/Pasting patterns works fine for me in most instances, but sometimes I’d just like to work off a single pattern and have it automatically affect the other matching patterns, especially when jamming live

Agreed on this. Trying to send the MIDI tracks via USB to run VJ software on my computer, and hitting a roadblock because you can only export to either MIDI OR USB, but not both at the same time.

Would be amazing to be able to double up on the outputs with a firmware update.