Can HAPAX convert CV to MIDI

In the online manual it says that HAPAX can live record a modular system sending Cv/Gate to the Cv inputs. Does it mean that it works as a Cv to MIDI interface of sorts (like it converts Pitch to MIDI Note, and Gate to MIDI Note on/off, etc)?

Could I, for example, record a Eurorack sequencer into one track and use it however I want, edit it, copy it to a different track?

(By the way, is there a full manual somewhere or just the Quickstart?)

Thanks in advance!

sure… to has cv/gate input, which you can use as a tracks input… that then get dealt with same as any other input.

you can also use cv in as a modulation source. (e.g. to modulate fx)

manual is here

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So it gets recorded as MIDI, that’s incredibly interesting to me. Thanks a lot for your help!

I think strictly speaking they both MIDI and CV/gate would get stored as ‘events’
but yeah, they end up being the same thing.