Can anyone clarify how to use program changes with electrons?

I don’t see anything in either manual, I haven’t figured out how to setup program changes on my elektrons.

Also what does the LSB / MSB and presend do?

Assuming you mean PC messages to change patterns on elektrons, the this is what has worked for me (on a rytm mkii):

  • on the elektron:
    • go into midi settings and allow it to receive PC messages
    • have some patterns ready, A01 is PC-1, B01 is PC-17, C01 is PC 33, and so on (not sure how this translates to other elektron devices)
    • make sure your pattern change mode is on “sequential” (default) and that your pattern “chg” values are reasonable (like 16)
  • on the hapax:
    • go to pattern mode
    • select a track that is set up to send midi to the elektron (in my case, a drum track on midi A channel 1)
    • hold the track button (1-16) again until you see the screen that lets you select the PC number
    • you should be able to scroll through PC numbers at this point and the elektron should respond, if not debug that first
    • now for hapax’s special trick, hold the encoder that selects PC number, this brings up the submenu
    • scroll to the bottom of that list and turn “pre-send” on - this will send the PC message just before the beat to the elektron, giving it time to process and hit on the right beat

Now create a few patterns and assign different PC numbers to each pad by holding down the pad and selecting a PC with the encoder.
Finally, hit play on the hapax and as you switch patterns, the elektron should behave.

God bless Squarp for providing a reasonable workaround for a stubborn elektron issue.



I was only able to get it working with setting the input to channel 1 and then using channel 1 out for the PC change.

I can set the corresponding pc channel on the digitakt settings to whatever i want.