Call instruments is greyed/blocked. Please help me understand

Why is "call instrument ", under the track option page is greyed/blocked? I cannot call my different instruments individually in yramid. This feature used to work’ now it is gone; everything else is fine on that page: I can name the track, consolidate it, but the middle option which is supposed to be call is greyed out/blocked. Please help me understand…

Have you recently changed/formatted your SD card?

If no instrument definition file is present I would predict Pyramid to behave like this. The Pyramid needs at least one instrument definition file to exist in the root on the SD card in order for the ‘call instrument’ feature to work. Instrument definitions may be in separate files, or they may be in one file, as long as no more than 16 instruments are defined at any one time.

If you have added instruments to the definition file you should also check the syntax of the file. A simple error in the file may confuse the Pyramid, although the file parser seems pretty robust.

I suggest you take out the SD card and use a computer to check that the instrument definition file is intact and readable. The SD card may have become corrupt for some reason. Try putting your instrument definition file onto another SD card and see if that makes any difference. Always keep a backup handy - SD cards don’t last forever.

If the instrument definition file is intact and ‘call instrument’ still does not work, you should probably contact Squarp and explain the problem to them, as your unit may have become faulty.

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Hi Nik, thank you very much for replying! My SD card is empty, how can I load the instrument definition in to it? Also, is the pyramid usually shipped with the SD card? I think the problem is the SD card being empty. Please help.


You would need an SD card reader for your PC (or Mac).

Put the SD card in the card reader in the PC, and save the instrument definition file onto the SD card. The instrument definition file is a plain text file, look elsewhere in the forum for examples of instrument deflinitions. The text file needs to be in the root of the card (i.e. not in a folder on the card).

Put the card back in the Pyramid and boot up. The instrument file should now be loaded into the Pyramid.

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Hi Nilsolav,

Again Thanks for helping me understand my instrument better. I found few instrument definitions that I can load to my pyramid, but I was wondering how to save and load them to my pyramid. Do I copy and paste the texts or is there links that I should be clicking on and save the file?


You just copy and paste the plain texts into a text editor like Windows Notepad or similar. Save the instrument definition file as a .TXT file in the root of the SD card.

If you have instruments not yet covered in the forum you may browse through the instruments’ manuals and see if you can write your own instrument definition files.

Should you come up with interesting instrument definitions, sharing those in the forum would certainly be most welcome.

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