Calibration issues / questions

Got my Hermod+ … no time on the weekend, but testing today, very nice so far.

However I was surprised that output CV calibration was relatively far off - I had the impression things were very slightly out of tune (with a digital VCO, so no temperature drift).

So I started the calibration procedure to verify the output voltages. All 8 voices needed substantial calibration, voltage was sometimes nearly 0.02 Volts off, which is about a quarter tone … but not consistently, some voices and some voltages needed more, some less adjustment.

I have a calibrated Voltmeter (BM 859s) with 5 significant digits and < 0.02% error, so precision should be fine for calibration.

Some questions:

Is each Hermod+ individually calibrated in the factory and I simply had bad luck or is the initial calibration necessary and expected?

Any recommendations if and how long the module should “warm up” before performing the calibration procedure?

I calibrated my Hermod+ yesterday, and was surprised that it basically seemed uncalibrated, that’s is all correction values were 0.

I had to stop the process half way though and was surprised that although the values I already entered were remembered, my meter told me that already calibrated outputs was off about 7 calibration clicks, hmm…

Although it took a while to go through the process I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the track led/buttons made it easy to jump between the outputs, hence allowing me to pick up where I left.

The calibration procedure is really well designed. I appreciate that Squarp suggests you can improve performance by just going ahead with calibrating it, and made it so dead simple to do so. Now I can’t live without the dead-on accuracy and the rest of the pitch quantizers in my system sound like hot garbage.

I think it could be better. For example it would be great if you could use the calibrated inputs to enable auto calibration for the outputs, rather than having to spend 20+ minutes doing it the current way.

Instead currently you auto calibrate the inputs with the outputs.

Mine was also quite a bit out.