Calibration issues / questions

Got my Hermod+ … no time on the weekend, but testing today, very nice so far.

However I was surprised that output CV calibration was relatively far off - I had the impression things were very slightly out of tune (with a digital VCO, so no temperature drift).

So I started the calibration procedure to verify the output voltages. All 8 voices needed substantial calibration, voltage was sometimes nearly 0.02 Volts off, which is about a quarter tone … but not consistently, some voices and some voltages needed more, some less adjustment.

I have a calibrated Voltmeter (BM 859s) with 5 significant digits and < 0.02% error, so precision should be fine for calibration.

Some questions:

Is each Hermod+ individually calibrated in the factory and I simply had bad luck or is the initial calibration necessary and expected?

Any recommendations if and how long the module should “warm up” before performing the calibration procedure?

I calibrated my Hermod+ yesterday, and was surprised that it basically seemed uncalibrated, that’s is all correction values were 0.

I had to stop the process half way though and was surprised that although the values I already entered were remembered, my meter told me that already calibrated outputs was off about 7 calibration clicks, hmm…

Although it took a while to go through the process I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the track led/buttons made it easy to jump between the outputs, hence allowing me to pick up where I left.