C.m.o.s. 2023 update - 100% dawless - Pyramid Sequenced

i’ve posted this one here before but been working on it for several months since the last one and thought i’d share an update since it sounds like a new song. Since however long ago it was: Re did the cabling in the rig, lots of programming, some other stuff. Been working on this song for like 3 years and some change, oof.

lmk what you think :slight_smile:


Interesting - I’m a bit rusty on genres these days but I guess this is kinda quirky IDM?
Nice that it’s all done on Pyramid. What kind of hardware are you using?

idm works :slight_smile:

as for hardware in this track: digitone, rytm, roland system 8, nord lead 4, moog sub37, twisted electrons hapines/ay3, and this really obscure little nes reproduction synth.

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