Button STEP not responsive

Hey guys!

Exciting news from squarp these days, but I’m still loving my pyramid!

Unfortunately, my Step button is not so responsive anymore. I have to click it multiple times.

Has anyone got experience opening the pyra and cleaning things? My sons’ Circuit has to be thoroughly cleaned a few months ago as pads were going crazy. Is this something thats do-able on the pyramid?

Thanks, jasper

yeah, I opened it up the other week…

its really easy, and did help alot
my pyramid is quite old now, and I think just dust build up.

you just clean contacts with isopropyl alcohol or similar.
(needs to be high %, no ‘water’ to avoid later corrosion risk)


Thanks a lot for your quick answer. I took in apart, cleaned the contacts and it works like a charm again. Really easy indeed! I was impressed by the clean and neat layout of the board btw :wink:


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