Bug with handling of sd card or faulty unit?

I have noticed a weird issue with my hapax, i tend to leave it on for days,

After a while the save menu is broken.
I havent noticed how long it takes but i f you leave your hapax on for a while, save the project a few times with changes. It will not do anything when save as or load is clicked, it behaves as if you didnt click anything. clicking save will seem to work still.

It will be fine after a restart.

It seems to take a while before this bug appears, anyone else experienced this or is my unit faulty? Im on the latest firmware which other than saving seems super bug free in how i use it.

Any help would be great, thank you

I have the same issue either with new or existing projects. I tend to load from a default project with everything mapped accordingly. Save as will not respond when the unit is left on for a few days, but was able to replicate this with a project from scratch. I’m now saving every few hours but occasionally I will go a day or so and am caught out

I found a few things and a little workaround that seems to help,

if hitting save appears to work, it normally did.
Swapping sd cards and saving again seems to work and make sure your work is saved.
Swapping sd cards back will result in a sd card mount fail message, which is fixed by turning off and on.

Hopefully this is fixable with a firmware update