[BUG]: Pyramid's "New Song" keeps existing time signatures + track lengths

If I’ve created a song and want to start over, I can press “2nd+Save/Load” and then choose “New” to create a new, empty song. The problem is, I’ve only recently realized that the new song keeps all of the Time Signature and Length data from the previous song. If I want them back to the default track settings I set, I have to manually change each track back, which is both tedious and dangerous (since I don’t always remember every track that I altered from the default)

If any other Pyramid owners could try to recreate this bug, I’d really appreciate it. Just start a song, set Track 1 (or any other track) to “3/4” time signature and 2 bars long (or anything other than default), and then try to create a new song using “2nd+Save/Load”. Then, check and see if the track you changed has reverted to your default track settings or not. For me, it remains the same, which is really obnoxious.

I feel like I must be doing something wrong here or have a setting wrong, because this can’t be how it’s intended to work. This is a major frustration, and I would really appreciate if Squarp took a look into it. Thanks!

yes … I just tried
same thing here
I think I never understood the real behavior of the save tracks/settings options…
it’s really weird

So, I’m just using a template (blank) project, which I load when I want to start a new project (instead of doing “NEW”)
and it works a lot better : )


okay, im glad you posted this because i’ve been running into the same problem and hadnt figured out the reason it was happening yet.

i think i’ll probably go for a “NEW” blank project for now and do my best to remember not to save to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could we maybe get a word from Squarp on this bug? It’s pretty frustrating and I’m curious if it will be addressed in the new Beta.

FYI, I don’t think Squarp personnel read these boards much. I found that there’s a “Bug report” option in the dropdown on the “contact us” section of their site. I did get an answer about this from them in a recent email I sent, though:

My Question: If I save project A and open a new project, all of the track states are carried over (length at least, i haven’t checked for channel or time signature). it seems like this shouldn’t happen, that the track states should be as I’ve saved them in Settings.

Their Answer: This will be fixed in the next version.


Good to know! And yeah, it’s sad that they don’t read the boards much anymore - they used to be pretty hands-on with the community.