Bug in Track mode?

Hello fellow Squarpers, I have just found the following problem with my Pyramid and PyraOS 2.3:

I’m working on a project that is mostly in 4/4, but some bars are in 6/4 and one in 5/4. What I have done is, I have used different tracks, assigned to the same MIDI channel (and instrument), for the different time signatures, and different patterns for different sections (for instance, the intro is pattern 1 of track 1).

Now, what I’m seeing is that, in Track mode, if I mute tracks 2 (for 6/4 time signature) and 3 (5/4) in, say, sequence 1, even with Record Mute States ON, if I switch to another sequence and come back to this sequence, the tracks I muted appear unmuted again. That is, I have no control about which tracks are muted on which sequences.

I’m at a loss about why this is happening, suspecting a bug in 2.3. Anyone has found a similar problem? I can email the project if anyone is willing to try in in his/her unit.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, whether a bug or a feature, I found out this happens when using patterns. With patterns disabled, muted states are correctly saved. Strange.

I had to resort to manual perform mode, advancing the sequences manually, in order to playback and record my song. :unamused:

I have not seen this happen. Are you sure you have enabled SAVE MUTE STATES in track mode by pressing rec image ?

Hello, thanks for replying.

Yes, SAVE MUTE STATES is on. I can reproduce this behaviour easily and consistently.

I set track 1 to 4/4 time, length 1 measure, and track 2 to 5/4 time (polymeter mode), length also 1 measure.
I assign (by default) pattern 1 of track one to sequence 1, pattern 2 of track 2 to sequence 2.

In Track mode, now, in sequence 2, both tracks are active. If I mute track 1, the mute state is not saved regardless of whether the Rec button is on.

Also, when ordering my sequences in the play list in Seq mode, I cannot set sequence 2 to play the full 5/4 measure. If I set duration to one measure, it will only play 4 beats instead of five. If I set it to two if will play 8 beats, etc.

I understand this is, most likely, rather technically challenging, but a solution to this would make Pyramid so much more versatile.

Could you share the project file? I would gladly test it!

Hello, I tried a test project but now I cannot reproduce the non-saved mute states problem from scratch. So I’m sharing the full project - sorry, it’s a complex one, but here’s how you can reproduce the problem on that:

Load the project (BILITIS 2), select sequence 8, and check that track 14 is muted. Then switch to other sequence (say, Seq 6), and then back to Seq 8, and track 14 will be shown as active. Muting it will have no effect when switching to another sequence and then back to sequence 8.

Link to the project file:

Solved it :wink:

The reason why you are experiencing this is because the pattern was EMPTY.
So every time you left that sequence, you activated another pattern on that track. And when you came back, it “created” the empty pattern again. The idea is that empty tracks will be shown as “empty” when you deselect them.

Simply insert notes or anything else to the track14 pattern8 and you will see the problem will disappear.

Hope this helps :wink:

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Wow, could I really be this dumb??? :zipper_mouth_face:

It seems I owe the Squarp team a big, big apology - your device isn’t buggy, my brain is!

And kudos to you joosep, that was certainly fast!

Now the only remaining problem is that of the measure lengths in the play list in Seq mode.
I suppose I’m forced to use a 4/4 measure plus a 1/4 one for a full 5/4 one for the time being.

—EDIT: actually the workaround works fine (just copy the same measure to two adjacent patterns, and play with the trigger modes). Given the polyrhythmic and polymetric capabilities of Pyramid, this is probably the best choice.

Thanks again!!!