Bug, first play?

I’m curious whether or not I’m dealing with a bug or not.

I currently have my Pyramid synced up as a Midi slave to my MFB Tanzbär. When I load a new project on the Pyramid (either the first one that is open when the machine boots up or any project thereafter) the machine does not play immediately when I hit the Play button. There is always a second to three-second delay the first time I hit the play button. Of course I cannot sync anything up properly this way. The second time I hit the button, however, it lines up perfectly.

Have I stumbled upon a bug or am I doing something incorrect? Thanks!

Does this happen when the Pyramid is not slave to the Tanzbär?

I believe this is a setting. There’s a feature in the squarp that tries to line up the play start with the down beat. I think this is just a bar - but maybe that’s a setting. Anyways, my first though is you’re experiencing that setting waiting to synchronize.

Like for me, when i’m playing live I use this to my advantage. Usually when my drum machine is on the 4th bar of it’s loop I press play and it counts down to fire the play message in a synchronized way.

I just switched things around and also disabled CLOCK IN and SYNC on the MIDI IN channel.

It’s doing the same thing on the first play. Fine for the second, but the first play I’m getting an unpredictable lag between the press of the button and the actual play of the note.

Total understand that setting. It’s not the case here, however. :confused:

That seems strangely unexpected and bizarre.
I’d suggest simplifying your rig temporarily to troubleshoot.

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yea - sounds weird to me too. Good luck troubleshooting.

I have the same thing. Hasn’t bothered me terribly yet, but always the first time I hit play there’s a pause. After that no pause. I assumed it was a setting but haven’t gone into it since it hasn’t caused any real problems.

Hi! It looks like I figured out the cause of the ‘first-play delay’. The first plays were only a problem when I had the Sync Stop and Sync Load were active. I’ve turned them off and it appeared to fix the problem. However, I was only to test it so much because…

Through the huge 5-minute process of troubleshooting and eliminating options I received a strange “Insert SD Card” message. Of course the SD card was never removed. Three minutes later the machine is not recognizing the SD card.

I’ve loaded the SD card on my computer and this is what it displays:
Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 09.04.16

Why is the PYRA coming up in different writings? Is the card suddenly corrupt, if so, what causes that and should I be worried about the future?

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Formatted the card the Pyramid came with. Empty card/newly formatted still cannot be read. Tried the SD card from my camera, also receiving the “Insert SD Card” message.

Yeah, see that pause is a problem for me. Try turning off the SYNC STOP and SYNC LOAD in the MIDI OUT menu?

Yea - that’s the setting I was talking about. From the manual:



If enable, the clock will be sent during the loading of a project. Your slaved instruments (eg a drum machine with an internal sequencer) will keep the sync during and after the load. SET- TINGS > MIDI OUT > MIDI A SYNC or MIDI B SYNC must be enable on the previous and the next project. When loading is done, press PLAY: Pyramid and your slaved instruments will start to play from the beggining, allowing you to keep the per- fect sync. When pressing PLAY after a load, Pyramid will wait for the next bar to start the playback.

This does not sound like normal or expected operations at all.
I would suggest perhaps documenting everything and shipping off a message to Squarp on their Contact page at squarp.net/contact

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