Bpm displaying diferent bpm on devices

I became a proud user of a Hermod this weekend, so far I’m loving every aspect of it, however, I came across an issue when the Hermod is acting as a master clock it seems to be 2.1 bpm behind the assigned clock, at the moment the Hermod is useless as a master clock, are you guys working on a fix for this issue? I’m I the only one with this problem?

I’m not seeing a decimal discrepancy, but I do find that Hermod is reporting 110 and Pamela’s New Workout reads that as 108.
But they are still playing in sync regardless of how the tempo is interpreted by my various devices.
Are you playing out of sync?

yep same here.

I noticed that too. The tempo displayed is different on the Octa, on PNW and on Hermod, but everything seems to be playing in sync.

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Same. I don’t experience things out of sync, but it is annoying that the tempos report back a few BPM differently.

I have to apologize , everything seems to be in sync as well, my bad!!

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I’m really glad it’s in sync like mine, but I do totally agree that the tempos should be reporting the same.
So like 120 is reporting as 120 everywhere.

Same here. 134 BPMs on my hermod and 132 in the elektrons (elektrons slaves) but all synced, it seems a display failure.

Thanks, we will work on it!