Bought one 3 months ago - what an easy process!

Hi Guys
I bought my Pyramid a couple of months ago and initially did a quick “feel-about” with it, as my studio is still packed-up after a recent move.

Well, over the weekend I decided to just start by plugging my “Access Virusb” into it (very dusty!!!) and start mucking around. Well, after about an hour of trial-and-error, I found the unit actually quite easy, once you understand the logic, to use.

I have to mention that I have worked on Voyetra Gold years ago and this “Squarp Pyramid” feels the same!

I have been hunting for something that I can use to get away from the tedious, monotonous dread of spending more time behind a PC, getting my creative juices sucked into the glow of the screen and I must now say THIS IS IT!

I did buy an “Elektron Octatrack MK2” to get back into sampling without using a PC, and although I will be using a PC, I will be tweaking the ‘hilt’ out of this one (in conjunction with a Korg Electribe S2, as the POLYPHONIC states missing from the OT just leaves me a bit disappointed…)

So, in a nutshell: If you are new to the Pyramid, (as niekie says) JUST DO IT! It is a very rewarding system and I can’t wait to connect more stuff to it!