Blinking dot in the upper right corner?

Hello, I could not find anywhere info what represents the blinking dot in the upper right corner (second from the edge).
When playing a long sample (40 min), it starts to blink and I can hear clicking sound. Is it card reading/buffer full or something like that? Any tips how to avoid that?

can’t say I’ve ever seen it…
you’d have to contact squarp via the contact form to get a definitive answer, since as you say it’s not documented.

hypothesis is reasonable, if nothing else is going on and its coinciding with an audio glitch.(*)
could be a buffer underrun - data is not available due to sdcard read being slow, or not enough cpu etc.

a bit odd for it to happen after a while though…
as the process is ‘constantly’ going on (it won’t be reading in very much data in one go)
so why after 40 minutes, when its probably done the same thing hundreds of times already!?

if its always at the same point, perhaps an issue with the card/file? you could try a different card… perhaps a high quality/high speed sdcard?

also might be interesting to look at the CPU% meter on info, to see if something odd is going on there.

(*) I tried an experiment of pulling out the sdcard while playing samples, to see what a ‘read error’ might look like - sometimes I got a flashing led on the 2nd column in, on 3rd row.
so looks like that may be the column they are using as a kind of status/fault indicator.

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