Black panel Hermod

Looks pretty neat! Hope they sell the panels separately too.

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I wonder what this caption means :thinking:

Maybe that’s for Pyramid? To upgrade the old MK1 versions to the new (current) MK2? (“Pyramid now comes with a brand new machined aluminium housing, more robust than ever, with a beautiful mat painting. The form factor is the same, but we replaced the old plastic overlay with the new aluminium screen-printed front face, and we improved the touchpad integration in order to make it more playable. Moreover, the graphical display is now protected by a sturdy screen protector. There is no price increase for this new MK2 version.”)


Yes probably, it would be too early for Hermod Mk2, but they already got the features listed in the firmware wishlist if they want to create an mk2 someday :smiley:

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Are you planning on selling the black panels separately?


I too would like to know!

me too :grinning:

would be great

I want my mamoth tooth white looking hermod to be bug free before considering cosmetical upgrades

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