Bizarro setup troubleshooting question

I’m having a slight issue and it’s a little complicated.

Recently I’ve incorporated a Studiologic Sledge into my setup as both a synth and a midi controller. I have some rack mount synths being sequenced by my Pyramid.

In my Sledge’s midi menu, I have set the channel to 4 and turned local off. I have my Sledge sending midi info to the Pyramid, and the Pyramid sending midi to my Sledge.

In this way, my Sledge will control whatever synth is set to the Pyramid’s active track.

When the Pyramid’s active track is set to channel 4, the Sledge acts as its own controller. That is, it sends midi note info to the Pyramid, which then tells the Sledge to play.

Here’s my issue: when my Sledge’s midi in port is connected to the Pyramid’s out, my Sledge won’t allow me to change patches. I turn the value knob and the screen shows the patches changing, but the initial patch that was open when the Pyramid powers on is the patch that plays.

I can only change the active patch by disconnecting the midi cable from my Sledge’s in port and turning local back on. At this point I can reconnect the midi cable and all is right.

Does anyone have any theories as to what’s going on here? I’ve been all through the Pyramid’s settings and can’t seem to find the issue. It’s something that can be worked around. I’m just curious.

Just a idea, on the Pyramid is the “Midi in / PROG CHANGE” setting is set to ON or OFF?

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