Bigger RAM?pyramid ver 3.0

i am embarrassing myself asking for some bad questions yet again.

is it possible to have a bigger RAM externally or is there any replaceable parts like apple? if you know anything suitable one on market do let me know please.

to ppl @Squarp if above the question is solvable hardware wise could you kindly let us know which one to be replaced and how plz?

thank you for reading.

not replaceable/extendable. soldered onto the board - which is the normal for these kind of devices.


unsoldering is not impossible…

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this machine is considerably well sorted out and i just love it but still there are some weak points thats quite a nail bite…

on the web site it roughly says it holds less than 8000 events per project that means its not suitable for a live set to finish within one project.

got to use some tricks then.

thx for replying :wink:

@a_i, good news is thats out of date, with OS 3.0 , they said there is now room for 9000…
so you can hold off the soldering iron for a bit longer.

I was simplifying the answer to make it appropriate, I suspect the original poster wasn’t planning on desoldering/soldering chips!

Id also suspect there aren’t many here that can desolder and solder SMD chips.
and, even if they could, we don’t have the source code to alter and recompile the software to allow for more sdram. (memory is not “auto” configured on a stm32f4)

(are you even able to replace the sdram chip for a bigger one, without pcb changes?)

also although squarp have said memory is a limiting factor, we don’t have the details, is it only sdram, they could also have issues with on-chip ram. (also possibly flash, but thats not related to the number of events, rather code size)


use the pyramid how the pyramid wants to be used. Maybe organize your set differently and load different files for different parts? ::shrug:: For me, i’ve caused latency on my buses without maxing them out so I tend to lean into simplicity. Seems like black midi is better suited to pc workflows anyway :wink:


yeah thats what i intending to achieve for time being, though a bread could be a great BLT knowing this fact but you still eat a bread? :wink: naahh. here to gather ideas to make this great equipment even better :wink:

Oh boy…

I would LOVE to have another 4 pages of tracks. That’s one of the first things I asked about after I very quickly filled up my Pyramid.

I was told that what we have is what we get. The Pyramid can’t have more and remain stable.
Wish there was a way… I’d be all over it.