Big Ups to this Community! *First "real" Jam w/Pyramid

First off - I want to say a big THANKS to everyone in this community, I’m visiting this site multiple times a day now and am learning so much - and everyone’s so darn friendly and helpful. With the pandemic I’ve taken the past year to really square away my home studio, truly learn more about MIDI, and deep dive with my synths. If I’m going to be stuck in my house might as well take advantage of it with something productive and fun. I’m now approaching the set-up I always dreamed of and am having a blast. I have sooooo much more to learn, but that’s part of the fun, right?

I was using a BSP as my main sequencer previously and as I outgrew that I started researching my next “dream” sequencer and it came down to the SEQ and Pyramid. I ended up going with the (space gray!) Pyramid and am over the moon with it thus far - the combination of this community, youtube, plus the docs have helped me get up to speed over the past month to where I can start jamming/composing etc. and the below is my first “proper” jam from last night - and I feel like I’m still just scratching the surface - it’s overwhelming in the good way though :slight_smile:

In long now, thanks again for helping w/some of my novice questions - can’t wait to start helping other too, BIG UPS to all ya’ll - happy jamming, & cheers! :v: