Best midi keyboard for pyramid

Hi all, actually using pyramid with keystep. I am looking to have a midi keyboard that allow me to play two sounds same time in keyboard split modality. The most portable possible and should be a great match with pyramid… Any of you could advise a couple of options? Thanx a lot

Novation SL’s are perfect for what you have requested, but they have been discontinued. The Impulse range seems to have replaced it but they aren’t as flexible with MIDI routing as the SL’s were as they only have a MIDI in and out (whereas the SL’s had in/out/out). Still for what you are asking, the Impulse range should suffice as it does “zones” (split-keyboard channel settings). It is also a better keybed (by the sound of it, semiweighted keys for a start) and a better screen, has an arp and roller. Hope this helps you find what you need.

Check out the QuNexus. I think it can be programmed to be split and generally configured whichever way you want. And it’s just a nice instrument to play with.

It has great velocity response that’s lacking from the Pyramid’s pads, feels like a natural extension at times.

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Heard good things about the SLs that @megamarkd mentions also. Fatar key bed, feels good apparently.

Thanxs to you both… Will check soon…this w end i presume will be enough busy to test out my just arrived Soma synth… But for next week you gave me good hints to explore

How would this ideally be connected, usb hub?

I have mine connected to a usb hub on my laptop @KidYoshi, with Ableton forwarding the midi to the Pyramid. This suits my particular setup.

If you want to go directly to the Pyramid you’d need something like the KMI MIDI Expander or any other usb midi host device (e.g. you can even DIY with an Arduino).

You can’t go directly via a usb hub as the Pyramid isn’t a usb host device.