Best hermod tutorial without MIDI controller

What is the best tutorial that got you up and running with Hermod?
In particular, I will probably be using it just as the main hub of my modular setup without a MIDI keyboard (at first)

just… use a midi Keyboard from the beginning : ) it’s so good!
I know… i’m not helping… but I just love that Combo for inputing notes…

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overall, I didn’t really need any tutorials to get going with Hermod, I found it pretty intuitive, and the manual filled in the gaps needed,

but there’s quite a few YouTube videos for Hermod, just watch your favourite YouTuber…
iirc, Cuckoo’s was very good, as was Red Means Recording… I think loopop also did one.

though I didn’t use these to learn, I do think videos can be inspirational, they might show you a way to use Hermod, that is different from the approach you might find on your own.

as for not using midi keyboard… if you want to do melodic sequence, I think thats a unnecessary/unwise limitation… hermods interface is pretty cramped ( like many euroack modules) , and a midi keyboard really helps this.

as for use cases where a midi controller is (perhaps) not so necessary?!
if your just doing trigs/gates, they I guess you could do on the keypad…
then more advanced uses, like cv recording, or using it for effects.

anyway, enjoy your exploration, that for me is the fun of eurorack!

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