Behringer TD-3-MO CC list?

Has anyone had any luck locating a TD-3-MO CC midi list? I have wanted to create a definition file for mine, but have not found anyone has done the ‘homework’ ahead of time.

If anyone has any links to any resources that give the CC list, that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I think I’ll have to go the route of manually creating the list myself using a midi translator to snag the info myself.

Thanks in advance!

I think nothing but CC74 for cutoff is possible.

btw it would be so great, if all synths with display would show the corresponding CC with each parameter.

None of the td-3s can be midi controlled. I think it might even say it in the manual.

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…except CC74 for Cutoff on the TD-3 MO, as @nefertiti mentions. i assume you mean ‘parameter knobs controllable via midi CC or similar’ when you say “midi controlled”, and you’re essentially correct…but neither manual says “can’t be controlled via Midi” but they do both feature the following (TD-3MO and TD-3 respectively):


Yep. I was “assuming” they wanted to control the knob-based parameters only. But you are right that I was a not specific enough :wink:

Yes that’s exactly what I was aiming for, to be able to control the knob parameters with the Hapax. It’s unfortunate that the synth doesn’t have that ability, but I did only pay a bit over $100 for it so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

Thanks for the responses yall ! :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Even the Abstrakt Avalon doesn’t have much midi capability and it’s 10-20 times the price of a TD-3-MO!

The Avalon is limited to:

  1. Note On / Velocity / Slide
  2. Filter Cutoff
  3. Modulation Envelope Trigger

the oft maligned Roland Boutique TB-03 is one of the most CC-friendly allowing Midi CC control of all of the main parameters plus most of the boutique extras: Env Mod, Accent Level, Overdrive, Delay Time, Delay Feedback, Res, Cutoff Freq, Decay, Slide Stats and Tuning. all of the the boutiques seem to work really well with the Hapax as Instrument Definitions.
@CeeDub “not specific enough” is a virtue imho :slight_smile: meant
for my reply to be over the top pedantic lol opposed to just pedantic pedantic. sorry. i blame it on SysRT hex documentation :potted_plant:

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