Beatstep via USB host

Is it possible to use the original beatstep via USB host as a step controller to input gates with the pads and cv with the encoders.

I loved my Hermod, but eight little mini pads get annoying at times.

Hello! Anyone?

Sorry no one has responded.
Perhaps no one who frequents the Forum on a daily basis uses this combination of hardware.

The Hermod Manual under the Connectivity section has some information specific to Arturia (and other) devices.

Thank you for the response. I guess I could be a bit more patient. Yesterday I had the idea of potentially using a beatstep for this purpose. I don’t own beatsteps to test this functionality. I do see in the manual where Arturia devices are compatible just not sure if they’re compatible for this particularly usage.

If the manual contained a mini implementation chart. I could potentially just map out my iPad and Touch OSC to test.

no this is not possible.

its not possible to map the steps or cv(pitch) to any controller.

the thing you could do, is input the sequence on the beatstep, and then let it play back, and record that sequence on the hermod.

or of course, live play the notes in.

or you can use the ‘learn’ function of hermod

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