Bastl 60knobs editor

can i use the pyramid as a usb-midi interface only?

  • i built a bastl 60knobs, hooked it up to pyramid through midi (pyramid midi A OUT > 60knobs midi IN)
  • then connected pyramid with usb to my macbook
  • then in settings, pyramidi = OFF, and midi out = midi THRU
  • then ran the 60knobs editor (

the editor sees pyramid usb, but when i try to upload presets, nothing happens

i figure i’m messing up something simple - can anyone help?

I too built the 60 knobs. Haven’t tried to hook it up via the pyramid like you do but I’m guessing the patches will be sent to the 60knobs as sysex. I think pyramid isn’t passing along the sysex…

r u sayin that da pyramid CANNOT ever do sysex? or is there some way to turn it on/off?

If OFF, received sysex messages are ignored. If Midi A (or Midi B, or Midi A+B), received sysex messages transmitted to MidiA (or Midi B, or Midi A+B).

Hope this helps :wink:

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this didnt work neither

When sending sysex you generally want a direct connection with a standard MIDI cable. USB MIDI is known to not work well for sysex in quite a lot of gear. In other words, you probably need a decent USB MIDI interface. (M-Audio ones work fine, no need to spend a lot).