Basic LFO request - Please!

So this request comes out of noticing that there is no “1/6” rate sync value, as well as longer (bar/multiple bar) lengths not having many ‘odd’ values for interesting evolutions that still remain synced.

Basic level LFO request - include more “1.5x” values .Ones that come to mind:
24 bars, 12 bars, 6 bars, 1.5 bars, 1/6.

Mid tier LFO request - offer sync modes that allow you to set 2 values for ratios - eg numerator/denominator (could press-turn to set the alt value, and be able to automate each independently). This way all sorts of interesting fractions are possible.

Bonus achievement - a speed multiplier, and pulse width for the LFO waveforms. This feature is great for if you want to say have a ramp rising over 4 bars, but then drop for the last 4 beats. Or if you want say a square that is high for the first 4 beats of a 16 bar section, but then low for the rest.

Boss level LFO request - all of the above, but also allow custom LFO shapes. In terms of interface to achieve this, that could be drawn in the automation window perhaps -.2nd+Automation currently doesn’t seem to do anything and would make sense, then being able to select from the shapes parameter.

You could say that automation lanes are custom LFOs already I suppose, but there’s no way to modulate the depth, phase, clock multiplier, etc of an automation lane.


yes please! dont forget to put your request through the official contact form!

This is an incredibly well thought out and useful feature request! Thank you @Avlantis for putting this request together. I have copied and sent the request to Squarp.

If you find this and/or other requests useful, be sure contact Squarp via their Feature Request link and let them know.

You could do the custom lfo shapes using two knobs etch-a-sketch style!

They could also just have dynamic automation lanes

i do love this request