Bank + Progchange with OB-6 sync lost

a little issue:
if i change the Prog with Bank MSB the OB-6 lost Timing Sync every first beat. And need some time to resync and the Delay yelps …
Without the bankno all runs nice. I guess Pyramid sends this Bank Change command on very first beat…
Does this be necessary ? Or is it enough to do this only on first start of the track. May be this is an Problem of the OB-6… and i have to talk to Dave Smith :wink: But Dave invented MIDI …

apart from that , i like my pyramid :nerd_face:

grettings Darius

Hi Darius,

I think it’s a OB-6 related problem. I have sometimes similar issues with my evolver desktop.
A solution I found is to sacrifice one track to make a dummy/ghost track where I program the program and bank change manually a into the CC’s which I trigger during a short break (1 bar/2bars/whatever) before the first note of the new sequence appears.
Then the change command is done during the break and on the first note of the new sequence everything is in ready and in sync. That’s the best solution for me so far.


Thx for your reply. I agree and i think this works. for jamming its sucks. i set msb off for recording.
i have some gear making much more trouble…:wink:
good times for you.