Back to the DAW with me, for now

After figuring out some issues related to making music on computer I’ve decided to do my sequencing with Ableton and an apc mini. I do like the Pyramid. It just seems to steer you toward a certain genre of music, and pales in comparison to the editing power of a computer. The only thing I am not looking forward to is taking the laptop to a show.

I may hang on to it, not sure. I’d like to see progress made on making it a more practical replacement. Better song structure tools, better support for unusual time signatures, automation ramps (perhaps if you could use the touchpad like a mouse when editing automation points.)

Idk, convince me not to sell it. I still need to send mine to squarp to fix a touchpad issue.

why? only use what brings you joy… if ​you don’t need it, or find it enjoyable, move on…

I, personally, don’t think we will see any major changes to the pyramid now, its a mature product… I suspect, mostly it’ll be tweaks and bug fixes.

at the end of the day, some enjoy using hardware with its limitations, others prefer computers… and some (like me) a mix of the two. no rights or wrongs… just different goals and focus.


Yeah, sounds like what you want definitely works better in a computer. Horses for courses at the end of the day, though. Kind of like a drummer saying they like the idea of a drum machine, but it’s too rigid and you can’t just play what’s in your head immediately without having to program stuff in.

The only way we could convince you is to tell you to change how you write and what you want. At least you tried something different, didn’t work out.

I use both the Pyramid and the PC as a hybrid setup, using the bits I like of each. Pyramid is amazing at getting stuff out really quickly, especially with muscle memory. But the PC is better for editing, arranging and fiddly stuff. But I never want to start with that, so I always start with the Pyramid.

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