Avalon Bassline LFO velocity over MIDI / Pyramid

Hello all … this is kind of theoretical at this stage as I have still spent little time with the Pyramid, and I am still awaiting the delivery of my Abstrakt Avalon Bassline … one day … the Avalon is a 303 clone with a few midi CCs … I am hoping to control these with Pyramid LFOs, quite straightforward for the filter as it has a specific CC I can assign to,
But I find I don’t know how or where velocity information is sent, it seems built into the note data. Can anyone explain how the velocity travels with the note data, and if I can LFO automate it from Pyramid?
Slide is triggered by note length, Thibault has confirmed in an earlier enquiry that Pyramid cannot modulate note data at all, so it looks to me like the accent cannot be modulated, but I would still like to know how it is sent …

From the Avalon manual;
The Avalon receives the MIDI parameters listed below:

  1. Note On / Velocity / Slide
  2. Filter Cutoff
  3. Modulation Envelope Trigger


Note Range: 18-75 (F#0 to D#5) Velocity Range:

  •  Accent Off = 0-63
  •  Accent On = 64-127

Slide: Overlapping Notes

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