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After tuning my CV tonight I had a play with automation. It seems that the interpolation works at the “start” of the step, which means that if I set a triangle or LFO shape the entire width of the 16th step is uniform or “flat”. So my LFO shape has a flat spot every cycle. Looking in the manual I can see this flat spot in some of the screenshots, but others its absent which I think they’ve increased the pattern length to increase the resolution to take the screenshot. In a 16 step pattern that flat spot is always there, as the interpolation doesn’t consider the loop.

Anyone verify this? Or am I missing something?

hmm, not sure, if another step is bringing it down… then why is it not immediately starting interpolation down to that next value.

(though in fairness, I can think of times when Id want it to hold this value for a step… so perhaps that the thinking behind it … and I think we can get around it, see below)

but, something to check with Squarp…

perhaps this could be ‘fixed’ , by 'zooming ’ in and then place the points in near the centre (or end?) of the 1/16th step… hapax doesn’t ‘care’ about 1/16th note grids… its all down to what your zoom level is.

what would, perhaps make this easier is if automation points could be given offsets (like notes).
this is really the same thing as zooming in, but a bit quicker. worth a feature request !

oh, the other thing iirc, that might be interesting to try…

2nd+pad puts automation at the end of the step… this again, is pretty similar to the above of zooming in/offset… Ive a feeling, if interpolation is started at the end of step, this will solve the issue.

anyway, its worth discussing this with Squarp via the contact form , then know the ‘intended’ functionality, and implications of changing it…

I noticed this too. What you are describing definitely happens. I found that if you zoom in the whole way on the very end of the loop you can minimize the flat spot, but its kind of a pain to zoom in that far.

but if that works you dont need to zoom in - 2nd+pad will put at the end of step.
(as mentioned above)

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Oh cool, thanks, skimmed a little too quickly.

Ah, didn’t know about the 2nd+pad. That fixes the issue. It’s probably in teh docs and I didn’t notice it.


yes, it is in the manual .

Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 13.21.28

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