Automate pattern/project scale?

Guessing this is a feature request, but maybe there’s a way?

I’d like to be able to automate mode/scale changes - perhaps if the global transpose channel had automation lanes?

I’m really interested in using modes to alter feeling during jams. I know you can do it per track with FX automation, but this means separately managing tracks.

I was looking for how to do this as well. Would love to have this as well. I swore there was a way. You say with fx its possible?

Its possible to automate the scale effect, and set the scale effect to pScale, but its not possible to change pScale settings globally I think. - youd have to setup a scale effect on every track, then a modulator/cc that modulates every track’s scale effect. Even then it wouldnt be ideal, as things like transposition and chords would be written in pScale, then modulated to a different key/scale which means you may end up with incorrectly quantised notes.

Unless im missing something and pScale settings are connected under the hood to midi or sysex, in which case why and also why wouldnt that be documented/mappable.