Autoload last projects

Hello everyone, no matter what I do, my Hapax won’t load my last open projects on project A and B when I start the unit. Actually it loads my project B on ProA and nothing on ProB.
100% of my other gear do this automatically, do you know what I’m doing wrong ?

PS: Autoload is ON in the settings menu
HapaxOS 2.02

Any solution will be greatly appreciated
Best to all

…well I will reply to myself I guess… :rofl:

found a solution for project A:

  1. start the unit > select my project > save > power off

I think proA and proB are treat together somehow while saving, so if you save project B last , il will appear on ProA as it’s the last saved project… I think so but not sure.
Anyway ProA is OK , I’ll try to find a workaround for ProB aswell…


I did reproduce this behavior, so I confirm if you save project B lastly it will appear on ProA at stratup. So I guess we can’t autoload A and B at the same time.

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