Auto rotate Euclidean pattern?

Hi everyone!

Nothing in the manual about this so I am guessing the answer is no. But….

Can Pyramid automatically rotate Euclidean patterns for an ever changing pattern? iOS app Patterning does this well, am I’m looking for a hardware equivalent as part of my dawless setup.

I know there is a rotate option, but as far as I can see there’s no way to automate this.


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I see no way to automate this since the options for the euclidean mode are not accessible in Step Mode nor via MIDI CC control.

Thanks for your reply.

So I can’t assign anything to the ‘rotate’ function?

Do you know if Pyramid has any other functionality to create constantly evolving / changing patterns instead of this?

you can apply the Randomization and Chance FXs to any Track, which can generate randomness and probability MIDI effects for different parameters (velocity, pitch, note length)

Thanks…Is there any way to quantise randomised notes into a particular scale?

Scale FX?

Great! So I could randomise a set pattern and add a Scale FX to pull the notes into a particular key.

Sorry this is probably all in the manual, but for users out there - can I add multiple random FX to a chain?

  1. Randomise pitch
  2. Randomise velocity
  3. Chance on / off
  4. Scale

I’d love to see examples that people have set up to create really lovely evolving patterns.

it is indeed all in the manual. numerous Pyramid users have made tutorial and jam videos using the FX

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Awesome, thanks for this.

James this is exactly the way I use to randomize stuff.

I lay down a simple pattern, then in the FX section I put the scale effect at the end of the chain, and use the three free slots left with any sort of randomization FX (pitch, velocity, chance and so on) so no matter how bad pitch changes can be, they always end up sounding “in key” (or filtered out if you set them to be in the scale FX)

That’s a powerful tool for sure, can’t wait to try it on the Hapax too, where you’ve got more Fx slots

Dammit now I’m super interested in the Hapax! I’ll have to check out what people are doing with that in terms of generative music.

Me too James! There’s also the algo generator and two assignable lfo on the Hapax, generative heaven.

This is an in context example of what I was talking in the previous post about the Pyramid.
Starting at 6:40 you can hear how midifx can change a relatively simple pattern sent to the lead sound on the Microfreak

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