Attn: MIDIHeads - Rample Responsiveness to Severe MIDI Control

Okay, finally got stuff hooked up.
This is how I have it:

  • MIDI Keyboard as Controller (I use a Prophet 12 as main controller, but might swap over to my Impact because Prophet won’t send out Note #'s 0-11)
  • MOD Wheel Selects the Sample Layer
  • Velocity affects Envelope and Level (w/calculated Breakpoints & Scaling)
  • Key affects Pitch & SPx as follows:
  1. C -1 to C1 -> SP1 (Where C0=No Pitch)
  2. C2 to C4 -> SP2 (C3= No Pitch)
  3. C5 to C7 -> SP3 (C6=No Pitch)
  4. C8 to G9 -> SP4 (C9=No Pitch)
  • 2 Slider Controls Affect Bitcrush and Filter
  • One pressure control affects Freeze (But I’m not getting the hang of the technique to control this properly yet)

So each Key press yields a 12 Byte message (Pitch, Env, Level, Note for SPx) and salient CC messages yield typical 3 byte messages. Mod wheel just stores the value to send with Note On Events as Velocity (because that seems a bit easier to control the Layer on this OS).

NOTE: Sending a Note of Velocity 0 (zero) does not output Layer 1, btw. Going to have to stick this info someplace in my brain because it will be an issue later for those of us who eschew using hardware the way manufacturers expect. heh heh

SO - With all these messages flying around I have not noticed any latency, jitter, or dropped data affecting all those options at once using ONLY One Voice so far.

I have to go back and make a bunch more files to test all 4 voices at once to try to “Break” the OS. No, not because I want to, but I want to see where the limits are.

And yes: I do have a use for using the Rample this way - pretty much as 4 monophonic romplers. Although I can do the round robin script to make it send data on all 4 voices, just not sure I want to use that yet.

Also Note: I use MIDI Translator Pro and a BomeBox extensively in my rig. Pretty much almost all data gets routed through there and gets modified or at least routed via the Box. If you’re interested in this script, I can post it somewhere once I refine all the bits and make it user friendly (I use packed variables and it confuses the heck out of me when I have to create them).



Awesome ! We definitely encourage you to keep stress testing, and report back if you find anything strange. We really want to make this little device as robust as can be.