Assigning Touchpad to NRPN?

I’ve only had the Pyramid for a week and am having a blast going through the manual and trying the features with my gear!

Now, I have a Korg Electribe SX-1 that I’d like to control the “slice” partition filter & gate time from the Pyramid’s touchpad. From the ESX MIDI implementation chart, It looks like these are only accessible as NRPNs :

| nm  nl  |       Parameter                  | MIDI Ch  | Data Entry |   dd (Data Entry Value) [D]  |
| [H] [H] |                                  |          |            |    [D]                       |
| 0F  26  | Slice Filter Cutoff              | Drum     |  MSB       | 0~127                        
| 0F  2C  | Slice EG Time                    | Drum     |  MSB       | 0~127     

Am I out of luck is there a way to do that?

As far as I know, the Pyramid does not readily send NRPNs. You could try to separately send the four CC messages that make up a NRPN message, or use an external MIDI processor device to convert a CC message to the NRPN message.

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Yeah, I’ve seen the hack to send NRPN using a sequence of three CC messages with automation, but you can’t do that with an assigned controller. Looks like a CC -> NRPN filter is going to become a necessity, as I have an Alesis Ion that also likes NPRN a lot. Off to the Arduino we go!