Assigning to FX parameters of other tracks not possible

Before I begin: I’m using a Pyramid MK2 with PyraOS 4.02.

This screenshot is from the manual page about assigning track FX parameters.


This graphic implies that it should be possible to assign FX params of track 09 A OR track 01 A while being in an abritrary track. However, when I - for instance - try to assign FX of track 02 A from track 01 A, I only see “Track 01 A”. When trying from 02 A, I only see “Track 02 A”. Cross-Track assignments don’t work.

Was this feature removed, is it broken or am I missing something?

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That’s curious.
I’ve never seen that in the wild (on the actual device).
Even with CV Assignations, the options seem limited to the Current Track.

yeah, I don’t ever remember seeing this either.

kind of strange, as really with the current behaviour there is no reason to list the track at all…

Im going to guess, its a screenshot from a dev build… perhaps an idea they had at some point, that was not released? I assume this would be for 'Per Track" assignments, and perhaps be a way to be able to see what you have already assigned on other tracks.

perhaps talk to Squarp via the contact form , they can tell you if there is anything planned here… or will just update the manual image.

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Don’t have the Pyramid in front of me at the moment, but if I recall correctly, this looks like options for master encoder assignments. You have the option on there to assign certain fx parameters of specific tracks to the encoders that you can adjust no matter which track is currently active.
I tend to use the master fx assignments where shared fx parameters of all tracks can be linked. But I can see it being handy to have a few select parameters accessible all together.

Does it maybe depend on whether ‘per track’ or ‘per project’ is selected in the assign type setting?

yeah, thats what I assumed too … but I then went and tested it, and it’s still only show the current track.

I think if you ask Squarp, they’d say its incorrect documentation… but in fairness, the way the menu displays, does kind of indicate at some point multiple tracks were going to be show, and you could select.

Yep, the menu is not needed as is, but indicates there used to be prior, additional functionality. And actually useful one in that.

nah, I’ve had the pyramid from pretty much from the start, and I don’t remember it being any different…

as I said above, Ive a suspicion, it was possible something they played with in development, but for some reason didn’t get released (perhaps it had issues) - but they didn’t fully wind back the change… perhaps because they thought they might stiil implement it later.

anyway, all moot really… functionality is not there now.
if you want it, then you should approach squarp via the contact form and see if they can add it.

Is this not related to the “ASSIGN TYPE” option (in Settings/Misc)?

I believe you can define if you want it to be global or per track.

I just tested in my unit. And, although the assignment menu will only display fx parameters for whichever track happens to be selected, once that assignment is selected it still works as intended, that is, the assigned encoder will still control the specific track parameter independent of which track is active once assigned. This is in the ‘per project’ assignment scenario of course.

I do recall that the assignment used to display multiple tracks so this is definitely different. But it still works for me.

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