Assigning CC for Knobs/Encoders on Multiple Midi Channels

Hi there,

I just received my Pyramid last week and I’ve been experimenting with it.

One thing I was excited about using it for, was assigning its encoders to control software instruments in Ableton. But I’ve run into a barrier. I searched the forum to see if this was a limitation of the Pyramid, but I don’t think I know what key words to use to search for this problem would be. So I’ve posted this here.

I figured out how to assign the knobs to a given software instrument. But then I found that the knobs seem to be fixed or stuck to the midi channel of the original track I assigned them to.

For instance an imaginary scenario…

On track 1 of the Pyramind, I am controlling a pad synth track in my DAW on midi channel 1. I have assigned knobs 1-4 to their various CCs to control the ADSR of the software synth’s envelope. This works great.

But then I was hoping that when I switched tracks on the Pyramid (say to track 2) that if it it was routed to a different midi channel (say channel 2), the encoders could be assigned to new CC messages. So, in effect, I was hoping I could control different CCs on different active midi channels.

Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a limitation of midi/Pyramid?

Many thanks in advance!

You can change the assign mode from global to per-track in the settings.
Go to SETTINGS > MISC > ASSIGN TYPE to change it.

Then just assign the CCs on all the tracks where you want to use it.
It’s faster if you assign it once, then copy the track many times. If you want
the assignments like that all the time, make a template project.


While it’s certainly possible, you are leading yourself to future headaches in terms of workflow and keeping things straight in your head… If you are a using Pyramid with a daw i suggest something like a midi fighter twister or a fader fox with multiple banks and some sort of led feedback to inform you of what you are twisting…

This also makes it a bit easier when you are doing basic functions such as changing velocity or note length… typically I keep my pyramids encoders set to either basic functions or pyramid midi effects.

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It seems to be a limitation of the Pyramid.
I’m also trying to achieve the same thing (with hardware synths only) and i could’nt find a proper way of doing it.

Trying to map a CC on my External controller to control the Cutoff of the synth on track 1
Mapping the same knob (and cc) on a different synth on Track 2.
Changing tracks and having the CC change the parameter only on the synth in the selected track.

Right now, the Pyramid seems to control only the last assigned CC.

I’ve searched the manual and the forums and i could’nt find a solution to this.

Maybe it’s me and my extremely limited experience, but using the word “limitation” is a bit overly dramatic in my opinion. I’d consider this a ‘limitation’ the same way that my inability to fly is a limitation: I technically can fly, with the proper equipment.

I have never run across a device that included an encoder for sending MIDI CC’s that allowed more than a single channel and a single CC - and most of the devices I have that include the functionality to send MIDI CC only send on a specific channel which cannot be changed.

I’d love to hear about a device on the market with encoders that allows multiple CC’s and channels per encode. I could really use this functionality also. Please, enlighten me if you’re familiar with one - my credit card is waiting! LOL

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I’m confused now, because I haven’t had a chance to double check @Ezmyrelda’s statement that it does work, nor @fjl’s instructions how to do it. I was going to direct @ward to the Assign Type setting in the Settings menu below.

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 4.16.40 PM

Are you saying this doesn’t work the way we’re wanting it to?

Again, I haven’t had time to test it myself, but now there seems to be conflicting info.

The “assign type - per track “ setting works fine if youre using the Pyramid knobs and xy pad.
If using an external controller, like me, it does not work as far as i know.

I’ve sent a mail to support to ask if its the intended function or if its a feature request/suggestion.


Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the scenario… All I remember with absolute certainty is that I’ve controlled a Pyramid effect through an external CC while I was not on the track that the effect was tied to.

@CreepyPants The midi fighter twister does have some sort of capability like this… through either encoder toggling or holding down the encoder and twisting… there is also the ability for it to control one parameter through one section of the encoder say 1-65 and then another through 66-127… though I’m less familiar with the super knob functions because they are extremely fiddly to set up. the encoder toggling though is quite easy to use it just bumps everything for that encoder up to another channel. I can’t recall which one it defaults to though… I think it’s like channel 5 or something.

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I suspect it would be a feature request… and possibly a tricky one…

generally the Pyramid does not consider midi channel on any input.
the exception is omni = midi bank A, which then starts routing notes/cc to a particular track.

the later, would I suspect would not map well to the idea of midi learn of FX, so i suspect does not work.

this seems to be a design decision early on…
I’d hazard a guess the decision was based around the idea of the Pyramid as the brain, and a single master keyboard (on one channel) connected to it.

thats not to say I cannot see your use-case, I can… it would be useful.
however, I suspect its just not now the Pyramid works… but no harm in putting together a feature request.

for now, Id just map a different CC to each thing you want to use.

honestly though… I really don’t use the pyramid/encoders for this kind of mapping.
I think you’d be much better off using something that is designed for that task, something like a faderfox EC4. (thats what Im consider at least :slight_smile: )

Apologies in advance if I again misunderstand, but PyraMIDI input is Channel Specific.

Edit to add - MIDI coming into the Pyramid on the PyraMIDI channel is not available to Assign to FX, Tracks, etc. There may be an application I haven’t tested/used, but I employ this technique with everything. I haven’t tested this with Omni Modes, tho, since my normal configuration is controlling Track Mute states from external sources via MIDI Ch16 and modulating FX, etc via MIDI Ch01

yeah pyramidi is selecting a channel (or filtering if you wish) as can omni mode.

my point was based around probably the most common misunderstanding we have here about the pyramid.

the Pyramid does not generally allow you to associate a midi channel (or midi device) to track input. (the ‘channel’ selection is for track output only) - the ‘exception’ being omni = bank mode (which is kind of a special case)

this tends to confuse people, because many DAWs , allow you to explicitly say - Track A uses midi device A ch 2 for midi input
so for many it feels natural for a track to be tied to a midi (input) device, and thats generally not the case here…

and I see the request for encoders on a track to be specific to a midi channel (input) as symptomatic of that.


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