Assigning a fixed value range to a CC?

My drums synth has different sound parameters according to the value range of the same CC#.
For instance, CC#62 will control HHF source of hi hat sound from value 32 to 34, and will toggle reverse ON and OFF of the HH sample at values 20 and 21, same for clap sample at values 22 and 23, etc…
Therefore, is there anyway I could create different instances of the same CC# with fixed values so I can control these parameters separately?
Thanks a lot for helping me out

I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

One idea would be to use Note to CC and then create a Definition File perhaps?
I haven’t thought it all through, tho. Sorry.

workflow will depend on how you’re using the Note Events to trigger the sounds, I think. It will get problematic if you need a Definition File for the part of making the sounds happen as you can’t have two Def Files going to the same destination, I’m pretty sure.

Note: None of this is tested. Just a thought.

hey, thanks a lot that’s a great idea. As the synth is only using 11 notes just to trigger percussion sounds, it leaves plenty of notes for that purpose.
However, I don’t understand how I can assign a specific value to the CC message using a note?
Thanks a lot for your answer

Manual>Effects>Note to CC

This allows you to use Note #s to send CC Values, that is:

Note 10 = CC Value 10
Note 67 = CC Value 67

Note: This is a freakin awesome MIDI Effect and can be super powerful for having control of your CC modulations for things like Glitches and Stutters and stuff.

ok, so let’s say I want to send a value of 96 to cc controler no 63 in order to select a certain sample for my crash.
I still don’t get how hitting note 96 will attribute the value of 96 to controller no 63… or if hitting note 63 will select cc number 63, and then how do I attribuate value 96 to that specific cc?
Thanks a lot for you help!

Please start there.
If you can grok what’s there, it will answer your questions

got it, thanks!

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