Assignable knob sensitivity

A user on gearspace suggested I cross post this here. I searched by maybe I was looking for the wrong keywords… anyhow… from the crosspost:

I’ve been enjoying the Squarp Pyramid as a sequencer for live looping.

One issue I am having is that the assignable knobs have a detent, and the that detent seems to be a 1-to-1 ratio to CC value. So, one turn/detent = 1 CC value.

I can see why it’s implemented that way-- these are endless encoders after all.

But does anyone know of a way to change that behavior?

It makes course adjustment very slow as it requires turning the knob a couple of times to go from 0-127.

I could just use the x-y controller, I think, but if there were some way to turn the knob and have it go from 0-127 in a single turn that would make the CC knobs a lot more useful. As it is, I mostly avoid doing CC automation on the pyramid specifically because of that knob implementation.

I’m not sure if this 1-1 detent/CC correspondence is always true. To me, it seems like the value increment changes depending on the velocity of the knob turn. i.e. if you turn it faster, it changes more.

Thanks for the reply… I tested this and I think that you may be correct… it’s difficult to tell, though, because I can’t tell how many values are handled when moving it quickly.

Basically, I’d like to be able to go from 0-127 in a single turn and I was unable to turn it fast enough to make that happen.

I have totally noticed the amount of time it takes to quickly move from one cc to another. And sometimes it does feel prohibitive to certain tasks…

I have ended up doing a work around with using the track pad for a big increment change and then fine tuning with the knobs.

On the flip side I cant get the track pad to recognize zero with the touch of my fingers (maybe a stylus would work - has anyone tried a stylus on the track pad?) so I will swipe down with my finger to the limit like 5 cc’s or something - I can’t remember and then I will dial it to zero with the knob.

On the other hand there probably is a short cut - because like there are a couple places on the pyramid where if you hold a button while turning a knob the intervals will jump to ideal locations - for example when scrolling through the piano roll in step mode to find sounds to edit you can hold step and turn knob and it will jump to sounds that have been recorded…

there is no way to alter the behaviour.

I do think there is some ‘velocity’ involved, but I think its hard to get accurate results when turning the encoder this quickly.

sounds to me, like what would be useful in your scenario, is for the Assign function to allow some kind of scaling, and perhaps offset … so the encoder would work in a range that is more useful to you.

(this is kind of what I do, but with an external controller… I have an Electra One controller, and I use this to fine tune the range of CCs that I send in… but I recognise this is not that common for controllers)

regardless, sounds like you need to discuss this with Squarp via the contact form as it would require functionality that does not exist … aka its a feature request.
if you go this route, then you can discuss your issue, and what potential ideas you have to solve it are.

Ah, that’s interesting— I usually don’t think in terms of making feature requests on hardware I own.

I’ll do that.

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