Assign LFO to other FX parameters

Sorry if this may have been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything in this forum or online.

Is it possible to assign the LFO to other FX parameters in a track’s FX chain?

For example, I have SCALE enabled on a track, but I would like to modulate the scale, and modulate the key of that scale.

It seems like this functionality would rule, so maybe it’s possible and I’m just missing something?

As far as I can tell, the closest you can get currently is to assign an encoder or the the touchpad to one of the scale parameters, and do your best to mimic the waveform you are looking for! :slight_smile:

Wasn’t there a trick where you send CV out to CV in, then use CV in to modulate? Unsure. Anyone know wth I’m talking about?

Thanks—yeah I think that the encoder assign workaround will definitely offer some of what I’d like to achieve, but I can imagine how multiple LFOs controlling FX parameters can be very powerful and controlled.

Regarding the CV out > CV in trick: I’m intrigued, however the only values that seem to be assignable are CC numbers, pitchbend, pressure and program change. Also for my specific use case, I’m using those CV jacks for the track I’d particularly like to do this with (it’s a non-midi device).

Maybe it’s feature request time. Also wondering if the Hermod can do some of this?

Here here!!! I can’t see it a difficult thing for Squarp to implement. Just imagine how amazing the results would be if we can assign LFO’s to fx parametres rather than just CC messages, etc. I was a bit taken back when I found I couldn’t do this as I’ve so many ideas that would be great with this feature but simple CC manipulation is quite limited in my view. Come on Squarp, can you please help us out?

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if u have some second machine with midi true you can do this.
because the lfos also send cc…
so assign a cc and send a lfo somewhere true…

I do agree that we need more params as LFO destinations. I started to discover the Euclidean mode, it’s great but would have been totally awesome if we could apply LFO’s to the params, including the note

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Or loopback: if not using one of the DIN and have nothing plugged into IN, just DIN OUT -> DIN IN.

Or if you’re tricky, USB OUT > IN


I know this is an old thread…but I’d love to revive the discussion. This is something that would really open up the Pyramid to cool generative possibilities. I am thinking of it almost like a synth mod-matrix, but for a sequencer. Create LFO effects and be able to assign them to multiple destinations. Maybe add a Loopback option to assigning a track’s midi channel so you could send output to MIDI A/B/USB/Loopback.

Welcome to the community.

This issue hasn’t really changed:

  • LFO to MIDI Fx parameters is still not natively possible on the Pyramid
  • If you want to discuss Feature Requests, those should go directly to Squarp at
  • You can achieve the same effect with a loopback

Since this thread is almost 4 years old, I’m going to close it .
If you would like to discuss some of the loopback options, please feel free to open a new thread.