Assign knobs to Moog Voyager, MSB LSB?

Hello fellas, especially technobear and patientfrog who’ve helped me in the past.

I’m trying to control my Voyager with the squarp, but I am luckless again. It uses an MSB and LSB for the functions I’m trying to control, most notably master volume. WTF?

Also, to update, the drummer lost his cool, so I replacesd him with a drumKAT, it works seamlessly with the pyramid.

Thanks hoamies

unfortunately you cannot send 14 bit cc from the knobs. only 7 bit.
often synths that support 14 bit midi, will still work if you send just the MSB.
does this not work with voyager?

if it doesn’t, only thing I could think would be to use a midi processor in between synth and pyramid - where you send it the MSB only, and it sends LSB=0, then MSB.
something like axoloti, blokas midi hub, BomeBox could all do it fairly easily.

obviously in either case you will only get 7 bit resolution, but at least it’ll work :slight_smile:


Can you not just send the LSB as a cc event in a sequence?
What I mean is - get a spare track you aren’t using, add a step where the cc lsb is set, then just enable/disable the track in track mode when you need it.
I have a voyager so I may experiment…