Assign knobs to control parameters in Ableton

Hello, I’m trying to work out how to assign the 5 knobs and the X/Y pad to parameters within Ableton. I would like to use the knobs to change parameters on an effect which is on a track in Ableton. So far I’m trying to do this with MIDI learn within Ableton and it’s not recognising my inputs.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ableton midi out sends the cc to pyramid. Pyramid follows/records all incoming cc no matter what are the knobs assigned to. You don’t need to assign any.

Thank you but I’m talking about outgoing CC from Pyramid into Ableton.

i think the others are misunderstanding you :wink:

its very simple…

hold down the assign button, then turn the encoder (or slide finger on x/y pad)
a menu will up, “assign to”, select ‘Midi CC’ then select the cc number you want to use

note: you will want to make sure the pyramid track is set usb ch 1 (or whatever is appropriate)

on Ableton,
you need to make sure in midi inputs, the pyramid is set to remote
then you can press ‘MIDI’ to start mapping
select parameter in Ableton then twist the encoder.


Thanks for the help everyone, I figured it out! Technobear was correct that’s what I meant :slight_smile:

Hi there, I still think my answer was relevant. If you record any cc into Pyramid then it will send it out and you can map it in Ableton. In that case tweak a knob while midi mapping in Ableton = press play and send out the CC in Pyramid (one CC# at a time of course). We are not limited to five assignable knobs only. Does it work what I say? Cheers