Assign external MIDI controller to effects?


Is there a way to map an external midi controller to effect parameters?


Hi josker,

very easy. Press the effects button and dial into the MATRIX on the right HAPAX display.
On the left HAPAX display in the left column You set the CC and in the right column You are able to choose any of the effect parameter of the effects shown in the right display.


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Oooh. Thanks! For some reason I was overthinking this by a mile. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, it looks like only the currently selected track can receive cc messages. Would be nice to be able to send messages to various tracks simultaneously.

Yes, effects are per track. But it’s easy to copy effects (one by one) from one track to other tracks.
Maybe that helps.

… and yes, only the sellected track receives midi data AFAIK.

No, you just need to set the track input to a specific port/channel, rather than “ALL ACTIVE”, which receives every message from every port while this track is selected
More detail here:


Thank you again! You’ve already thought of nearly everything. I did try finding it in the manual, but I was looking in Settings, the wrong place.

Fantastic, this means we can setup crazy top-level control schemes :raised_hands:


OMG, how did I missed this! (If it would be less joy to play with the Hapax I would have more time to study the manual more carefully :sweat_smile:)
So I’m able to link the swing value of all tracks to one controll knob! :smiley:
That is helpful! :ok_hand: